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We Are Recruiting!
Jan 18, 10 11:25 AM
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We Are Recruiting!

ireavus, Jan 18, 10 11:25 AM.
We are currently in need of:
Tanks: High
Healers: Medium

All classes are welcome to apply; we are always looking for exceptional raiders.

Please head over to our forums page and post an application
Welcome to Exit Strategy

We are a laid back, yet progressive raiding guild on Jaednar [H], is recruiting the following:

1-3 Tanks(Pally, warrior/druid)
1-2 Healers(Priest, Shaman)
3 DPS - All classes open.

We will be raiding ICC as of this week. All our current members are familiar with, capable of, and looking forward to clearing the entire instance this week. On other raid nights, we will be doing things such as Uld Hard modes, TOGC, weekly raids. We will be raiding 10 man's initially, once we feel we have players of sufficient skill, we will move on to 25 mans.

Raid times, although not yet final, will be weekdays (Sunday through Thursday), but not every day, between 8 and 12PM EST.

The loot system is as follows:
Main spec > Off spec, roll based.

This guild has been formed by a group of players who have a lot of experience, skill, and dedication. As such, we expect our members to put into our raids what they expect to get out of them. This means, when appropriate, best in slot gems and enchants, flasks, etc. On progression content, it will be expected that you have familiarized yourself with the encounter. We use Ventrilo to ease communication during raids, but also a social tool :)

Skill is much more relevant than gear; although gear is of course a bonus. Basically, we are looking for players who consider themselves to be exceptional, or willing to put in the effort to become exceptional.
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